Five Oaks Genetics Around the World

Through the sale of semen and embryos, Five Oaks genetics are recognized and utilized around the world. Semen from one of their herd sires, Pogo 7/5, has been used in Brazil and produced the top-gaining Santa Gertrudis offspring in the country.

Five Oaks Ranch - Co-Op 3/9
Recently, semen from Co-Op 3/9, our 2012 National Champion Best of Polled Bull was sold in
Australia and will be used in breeding programs "down under".

Predictable Genetics Can Make Your Buying Decisions Much Easeir & Much More Reliable.

Five Oaks cattle and semen have been sold in South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and in herds all across the United States.

Live cattle also available for export, pending proper health tests and other requirements.

Five Oaks herd sires are approved and have been exported all over the world.
Semen is collected and approved for export today!

  Gene Star Traits Click to enlarge images  
Bull I.D. Marbling Tenderness Photos  
Five Star General 82/3
Q. Grade 13.17

Feed Eff. -3.96

Henry 88/7 - National Best of
Polled in 1989

Q. Grade 2.88

Feed Eff. -3.96

Stormin' Norman 73/0 - Sired 2004
National Junior Heifer Show
National Grand Champion

Q. Grade 1.44

Feed Eff. -3.74

Prime Time 114- IMF 6.46
Highest IMF recorded by SGBI

Q. Grade 8.17

Feed Eff. -3.74

Five Oaks Top Gun 33/8      

Five Oaks Houston 83/0      

ER 122      

Five Oaks 82/5  
Feed Eff. -3.72

KR Tex 100/5 ET      

Utley U60      

Semen also available from our two-times
National Grand Champion horned bull,
Atlas 21/2

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