Five Oaks Ranch - Cattle For Sale Now

With over 50 years experience in raising Santa Gertrudis cattle, our primary focus at Five Oaks Ranch has been developing high-performance, polled Santa Gertrudis genetics. Consumer demands for leaner beef, and the commercial man's demand for performance and breed predictability make it necessary for the responsible producer to back up his genetics with numbers. Our numbers speak for themselves with over 30 years of National and International Champions.

Our cattle continue to make money in the feedlot even under conditions like high feed costs. They do that because they are efficient! We breed them to perform consistently and we can back up every claim. Feed efficiency and performance put the dollars in your pocket. It's DOLLARS that make SENSE! Click here to learn more!

For Sale, we currently have Bred & Open Heifers, Polled Santa Gertrudis Bulls and a Select Grop of Show-Heifer Prospects available for purchase. Please contact us for more information regarding the sale of cattle.